5 Behaviours that ruin relationships at work

Stress at work can be caused by a variety of reasons such as stagnation in the job, lack of cooperation, toxic environment at work, demanding boss, and a blame culture, which results in loss of enthusiasm in work, leading to a decline in passion and joy. As a result, your confidence and self-esteem suffer a blow and the stress begins to take a toll on your health.

Strained relationships can be both a cause and an effect of Stress. If you are stressed, you generally keep to yourself, do not around and talk to people which isolates you. If you have a situation where your relationship with your boss is not so good and the boss prefers to talk to your colleagues instead, this can also cause you stress.

Here are 5 behaviors that ruin your relationships at work and cause you stress.

5 Behaviours that ruin relationships at work

  1. Starting with a Conflict

    Disagreements are bound to arise in discussions. When you disagree, you tend to begin with an offence strategy. You start by attacking the other person’s opinion or worse still, you attack the person. This is sure to begin a heated argument and tension in the relationship. A better way is to begin with an agreement without compromising on your integrity.

  2. Communicating only from own Perspective

    Communication is a two-way process and for effective communication, there has to be a give and take. If however, you are rigid and only communicate from your own point of view without any empathy for the other person, communication will break down. The way to communicate effectively is to frame things in such a way that the other person feels he is doing what he wants to do and not what you want him to do.

  3. Believing that the Problem is with Others

    You steadfastly believe that you are always right and can do no wrong. So, if something does go wrong, you look for who to pin it on. You tend to indulge in the blame game, and nobody likes a person who is always blaming others. While this is a tough change to bring about, it is not impossible. You need to work at a deeper level of self-awareness.

  4. Not Accepting Mistakes

    This is another variant of blaming others. Even when it is proven that you are wrong, you refuse to accept, as it will hurt your ego to accept a mistake. If you don’t own up your mistakes and take responsibility, it shows a lack of power and leadership. Give credit to your team when you succeed and take responsibility when they fail.

  5. Not Listening

    This is perhaps the most overlooked behaviour. When someone comes to you to present a case, you appear disinterested. You do not reciprocate the other person’s presence and efforts and perhaps even insult them by continuing to work on your laptop or look at messages on your phone. Try practicing full body listening.

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