5 Ways to overcome stress

Stress at work can be caused by a variety of reasons such as stagnation in the job, lack of cooperation, toxic environment at work, demanding boss, lack of trust and blame culture, leading to loss of enthusiasm in work, lack of involvement and deteriorating relationships at work and home leading to a decline in passion and joy. As a result, your confidence and self-esteem suffer a blow and the stress begins to take a toll on your health.

Being overwhelmed also causes stress because you are trying to deal with too many things at once and you are trying to change things overnight as you try to accomplish too much.

Realize that stress does not happen to you. You create it. And if you are the one creating it, you can get rid of it too. Here are 5 simple ways of kicking that stress out. NOW.


  1. Look up
    When you are stressed or have any disempowering thought, almost always, your shoulders are slumped, your head is down, you are therefore looking down, your breathing is shallow look up and you are processing feeling. When you look up, you get into a visual mode and your physiology expands. Your shoulders are pulled back, and you breathe deeply. In that position, you can never feel stressed.
  2. Disassociate
    An associated image is one you experience as if you were really there. You see it through your own eyes, hear and feel as if you were actually there. When you are stressed, you usually visualize the picture or run a movie of the situation that caused the stress and you tend to put yourself in the picture or movie you are running in your head. Since you are in there, it intensifies the experience. Step out of that picture or movie and look at it from the outside or Disassociate. When you Disassociate, you will strip the picture or movie of its power to bother you.
  3. Manipulate the image, sound or feeling
    Make the image or movie of the stressful situation black and white, smaller, darker, difficult to see. Mute the sound of the voices you hear, make the feeling fuzzy, insubstantial, flaccid. Finally, take the image and push it back into the sun and see the sun burn the image. Notice what you see, hear and feel as it disappears from the world. When you go through this process, the image loses its power. It becomes less potent, less painful or even non-existent. You can also use this technique to take something that has caused great pain in the past and make it impotent, make it dissolve and disappear completely.
  4. Power Pose
    Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, raise your hands up above your shoulders and make them into fists. Pull your shoulders back, look up and breathe deeply. This is the Power Pose. Apart from removing the stress, it will also make you feel more confident, more powerful.
  5. Breathing
    Inhale through your nose for a count of 4, Retain the breath for a count of 4, exhale through your mouth for a count of 4 and pause for a count of 4. Then, repeat. This is called ‘Square Breathing’ and is used for optimal mental performance and removing stress and impatience. If you are not excited enough, it will bring your performance up.

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