Hostile Environment and Stress

The time was when I changed my job. I was excited at the prospect of a new setting, a new environment, new colleagues, a new boss. However, within a week of the change, all my excitement died. I could sense a cold hostility from my colleagues. There was simply no reciprocation to my attempts at small talk. How could I ever manage a department when nobody spoke to me properly? There was no one I could talk to, except myself. The situation grew worse as I began to think more and more about it. I was beginning to lose enthusiasm in my work and I was stressed. I also noticed there was a there was a kind of power play in the organisation, where everyone was trying to be one-up, which was kind of toxic. I was unused to working in such an ambience and I wanted to get out. I thought perhaps I should join in the power play too. Then, one evening, something happened.

I was at my favorite haunt, a bookstore, browsing around. There was book, the title of which caught my attention and I thought that was what I wanted, to make myself more powerful. Little did I know that I was in for a surprise. The book was not at all what I imagined it would contain. It was far better and contained all that I really needed to bring about the outcomes that I wanted. I always knew that knowledge without action is useless. So I started using what I learnt from the book, on myself and slowly, but surely, changes began to change. The cold thaw in relationships changed to a warm glow of friendship. We built a good bond and our work showed results. I went on to build relationships with many other colleagues, and we still are friends.

I realised later that sometimes, when you are in dire straits, something or someone shows up to help you. When I was stressed, I could have walked away from what would later turn out to be a beautiful phase in my work life. Many times, what you want and what you need are different things.

Tags: stress relief, stress at work, stress management, power play, needs and wants, coaching