How do you quieten your Mind

When the mind is free of any thought or judgement, it is still and acts like a mirror. Only then can we know things as they are.

The question is- how do we make our mind free of thought? The answer is – ‘Let it.’

‘Letting it happen’ is not the same as ‘making it happen.’ It is not ‘trying hard’

I like the analogy that I learnt from Michael Neale. If I gave you a pot of muddy water and ask you to make the water clear, how would you do it?

You simply ‘let’ the mud settle down, because the nature of water is to be clear. Our minds are something like the pot of muddy water. Thoughts come in and go out continuously. If only we let the thoughts settle down, our innate intelligence comes forth and we get insights. Because the nature of the mind, like water, is clarity.

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