Positive Thinking and the Brain

I came across this interesting piece while reading and wanted to share it with you.

Our brain tries to make whatever we are sensing or thinking fit into our existing mental models. It does so through guesswork, that is based on past experience, which has been hardwired in our brain. If we think the world is a dangerous place, we look around for evidence of this and find it. If we think people are talking about us, we find evidence for this too. Whatever filter we hold in mind, the brain will look for evidence to confirm this filter, and it does this extremely efficiently, every second, without our conscious mind being aware of what we are doing.

So, if our world is defined by the mental frames we hold in mind, it means it is possible to tangibly improve our performance simply by shifting our thinking. So why not think in a more positive way, look for evidence of that and find it?

Tags: positive thinking, mental frames, improve performance, shift in thinking