Stress at work - 5 Deadly Effects

If you are someone who is stagnating in your job, diffident to a domineering boss, experience loss of interest in work, and a huge drop in your confidence and self-esteem, leading to high stress, which is telling on your health and do nothing about it, then over a period of time, there are 5 things that can happen.

Here are the 5 Deadly effects of not taking action on stress at work.

Stress at work - 5 Deadly Effects

  1. You will lose interest in Work

    Since you do not take action or take small actions that only give the same small results, you will see nothing changing for you. With passage of time, you will begin to lose interest in your work. Getting up in the morning will be a chore as the prospect of going to work hangs heavily on your head.

  2. Your Performance will deteriorate

    Continued stress will not let you focus properly as you are constantly thinking of the problem. Your productivity will go down and the lack of interest will only worsen your performance.

  3. You will lose Credibility

    Nobody respects a poor performer. If your performance drops, the first to notice will be your boss and then your team members. Your peers will come to know as well. Gradually, they will cease to respect you and will slowly begin to work ‘around’ you, without keeping you in the loop.

  4. You will lose Faith in Yourself

    When you lose the respect of your colleagues and you see nothing changing, you will begin to wonder if something is wrong with you. Persisting in this question will only make it a self-fulfilling prophecy and slowly, you will lose faith in your own capabilities. This will further reduce your will to take action.

  5. You will not be a good Role Model to your Children

    If you do not take action on stress at work, you will begin to carry the stress home. You will be a miserable family member who the other will be afraid to approach, fearing you will erupt. Remember, your children are watching you. They learn more from your behaviour that from what you say. Consequently, you will not be a good role model to them.

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