The First Step to Your Personal Growth

Many people spend money on things that they ‘want,’ rather than on things they ‘need.’

Many people want to achieve something in their lives very passionately. They have goals and they have problems. They also seem to think that they are 100% committed to solve their problem or achieve ther goal. And yet, when it comes to investing on themselves, they back off. They hesitate to ‘spend’ the money. And the reason they hesitate, is because they think of it as an ‘expenditure.’ So, they keep looking for free stuff. I’m not saying this is bad. There is some really great material available for free. But the problem is, when you keep looking for ‘free’ stuff, you do not have skin in the game. You do not have a stake in your development. You do not follow through.

So the first step to growing personally is, to think of the outgo not as an ‘Expense’ but as an ‘Investment.’ An investment that will yield dividends in the future. This will cause the first shift in your mind.

Next, invest on something that will help you take action and keep moving. Because if you do not take action, the information you have learned is useless. And that is what happens with most training courses and free stuff. You do not follow through, because there is no accountability or because you did not pay anything or maybe paid a small amount for it, you do not regard it as a ‘big loss.’ See, when you invest big money, something that is a stretch for you, or even hurts you, you will show up. And showing up is the first step to doing the work and taking action. You will be truly committed because now you have a big stake.

Lastly, one you start, make sure you stay in the game. Successful people are those who persisted despite odds.

As Earl Nightingale said, “Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.” They key word here is ‘progressive.’

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