Toxic Work Environment

I had conducted a poll on LinkedIn sometime back. The question I asked was, “What do you think is the biggest reason for Stress at Work?” The options were-

  1. Stagnation/Monotony in the Job
  2. Domineering Boss
  3. Toxic Work Environment
  4. Lack of Challenges

Guess which one polled the highest? ‘Toxic Work Environment,’ which got 50% votes, followed by Stagnation/Monotony in the Job -24%, Lack of Challenges -15% and Domineering Boss – 11%

A quick list of a few things that can be done to remove the toxicity are-

  1. Acknowledge the problem and identify the behaviours causing the problem.
  2. Become an outcome centric organization instead of being problem centric. Measure compliments instead of complaints. Focus on solutions, not on problems.
  3. Improve employee engagement by seeking their inputs on all important issues.
  4. Encourage teamwork.
  5. Communicate a clear vision across the organization.
  6. Establishing an equitable rewards program and recognizing employees.
  7. ‘Failing intelligently.’ The steps to failing intelligently are
    1. Identify and help the person who has made the mistake understand the consequences of what they have done or not done.
    2. Make sure they solve the problem immediately.
    3. Ask what could be done to prevent the problem in the future.

Like any change process, it will take time to evolve into a higher level of culture, and if the leadership in the Company is diligent and persistent, it can be done.

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